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Between the curtains of a mini puppet theater.  In dim lighting as the movie is awaited by a crowd. In long bus rides with strangers who can't keep to themselves their wild adventures. These are some of the magical moments that stories of adventures and challenges become alive and bring us closer. Stories are the fuel of passion for life.


The curiosity stories inspire in people brings us together and hype our own desire to have some of our own.  When we are gifted a story, we transcend reality, moved by wonder and elements of surprise; chaos.  Lets tell stories together, we can share something meaningful with the world.

In my career, different opportunities have given me experience in varying fields. Stop Motion, Illustration, photgraphy and videgraphy are my specialties, having worked for years creating promotional material, album covers, drawings and more. I love group and solo settings, It's my goal in life to bring my A game to everything I do. 



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