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A series of imaginary characters.  Newton is a wise and reserved creature, using telepathy to communicate complex thought, but relying mainly on mannerisms and body language to communicate within his species. Their "mouths" are actually holes on the top of their head to drink water regularly. They have 360 vision which makes them observant but easily distracted. With both hands equipped with two opposable thumbs, they have a wide range of movement.

 Cortice Comedenti

Cortice Comedenti, also knows as "bark eater" is a strange large bug, often found attached to the lower bark on trees, sucking sap.

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Known for being a gentle giant, the Sumetens have a squarly shaped body and often have foreheads covered in a hair like material that grows in the shapes similar to Earthly plants of sorts. There are also "bald" Sumetens, but missing hair is seen as humble and valiant in their culture.