As an individual who has been brought up in multiple countries, my cultural language is diverse and open minded. My work as an illustrator communicates the personal struggle of how we identify with our own background and having our "home". Home may be the literal place you were brought up in, but for many it means the people and experiences that have made us feel confident about ourselves and our inner compass. We all digress in what makes us comfortable and which boundaries we are willing to challenge, my goal is to be part and push forth that conversation.

“This medium works best when it’s most suggestive, when it gives us the freedom to walk around and fill in these things on our own. But what’s amazing about this is, given all that freedom to be on our own and make these stories personal to us alone, we end up meeting each other anyway. We can’t help it, and there’s something hugely hopeful about that.”  

-Jon Klassen



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